Spain Trip - May 1999 - Cordoba

Cordoba, the Mazquita, Roman Bridge, and Patios
There are eighteen 20K pictures to load.

An old Jewish House

Good example of the Patios and the Jewish and Moslem quarters

The main attraction in Cordoba, the Mezquita

It was built in a mosque. The mosque was started with the remains of the basilica of San Vicente. The mosque was later converted to a cathedral by cutting out a section of columns and inserting a church.....

Roman Bridge and views of the river

It is still in use as a highway bridge

Various other pictures

A bad restuarent picture. While the waiter can't take good photos, the Patio de la Juderia is great. We didn't find Hotel Marisa but did take a picture of the sign. The resolution of my scan does not show it good.

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