Spain Trip - May 1999

Sevilla, the Alcazar, the Catedral de Sevilla, and el Barrio de Sant Cruz
There are twenty-four 20K pictures to load. Oh, by the way, the residents of Sevilla do not believe in street signs.

The Alcazar

Nice palace and gardens. We didn't even know this was here.

This last picture was taken underground without a flash or tripod with 100 ASA film....

The main attraction in Sevilla, the Cathedral

It was built on the site of a mosque. The minaret from the original Almohad mosque is the Girala, now the bell tower. The pictures of Sevilla were taken from this 90 meter tall structure.

Barrio de Santa Cruz

Old section of town near the Alcazar and the Catedral. We stayed ate the Hotel Murrillo in the barrio (the white building with yellow trim and green ironwork)

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