Spain Trip - May 1999 - El Pais Vasco

The Basque Country
There are thirty-five 20K pictures to load. This was the family oriented portion of our trip. We stayed with Marisa's 2nd cousin Enrigue. Also his sister Pelerine (sp?) came down from Madrid to visit. She only appears in one picture in Irun. Apparently, she is photo shy. Enrique's dog (Khaki) went everywhere and was not photo shy.


Marisa's Maternal Ancestral Home - Located on the edge of Donastia
The main house existed in the mid 1700s. Exact age is unknown. The British burned it in the early 1800s. Marisa's family acquired it around 1840.

The Bay of Bisque

The view from the 3rd floor of Santi-Enea

La Tienda de Enrique - Santi, #17 Losa Cristal

An Old Fashion Variety Store


Small city on the way to France. Marisa's Cousins have a house there. There is a creek beside it which is almost dry at low tide.


A small walled town near France. Marisa's Grandmother owned a house there. She sold it to help finance the Academy run by her husband in Venezuela. I think its the 4 story house with Marisa, her cousins and Khaki posing in front of.

The Horror, The Horror - France!

Yes we actually went to France. Well not quite, while the France Flag was flying, it still was in the Basque Provinces. We visited Hendaye and Hendaye Beach. We also visited the World War I and II Memorial. Enrique had us pose in front of it. He thought it would be cute with me being of German descent.

The International Bridge

This used to be able to be seen from the House in Irun,
until one of Marisa's cousins built a warehouse blocking the view. Ah, progress.
The pole is actually the border between Spain and France.
Marisa is in France and I am in Spain.


Hanging Bridge in Bilbo.
I was the only one to ride it.
Stainless Steel Frog or Art Museum
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